The School aims for a consistent platform to support the education of students in these year levels and requires each student to bring an 11” Chromebook to School each day.  The choice of Chromebook model is yours.


Device Type Chromebook
Screen Size 11” (~27cm)
Operating System Google Chrome OS
Wireless compatibility All Chromebooks will meet the minimum wireless requirements
Weight Recommended weight <2kg as it will be carried in a bag each day.
Battery performance

Battery life should be greater than six hours.

NB: There will be limited facilities for charging available at School.

Accessories A protective cover or case is required.
Considerations Extending the warranty to 2-3 years. Accidental loss and breakage insurance.


Browser Chrome
Provided The School provides access for each student to:

> Canvas Learning Management >

> Google Apps for Education including
> unlimited secure cloud based storage
> via Google Drive

> Microsoft Office 365 including their
> School email account for word
> processing, spreadsheet,
> presentation and other software.

Students in Years 5 and 6 are required to bring a Chromebook to school each day. Recommended devices along with convenient online purchasing options will be made available here from Term 4 2016


Technical Support

While developing skills in the classroom, students will become familiar with a variety of trouble shooting skills.  There are a number of issues that students will face in general that require some immediate resolution.  Our goal is to have students who know their own device and can be mostly self-sufficient.

Preparatory and Junior School students will initially advise their classroom teacher of issues with their device, who will then escalate it to IT Support if required.  Senior School students can bring their device to the IT Support office on level 2 of the Design Centre for initial diagnosis in the event of malfunction. Issues that cannot be easily resolved by the IT Support staff, and all repairs, will be the responsibility of the student/family to arrange appropriate repair or replacement of the device.  There will be loan devices for short term loans (up to two weeks) to cover times without a device whilst being repaired.

Your TGS Account

All staff and students have access to Google Apps for Education which is a managed suite of key Google products and services.  All students are automatically allocated an account which can be access by using their Trinity e-mail address and password.

Google Apps for Education includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep student data safe, secure and in their control. Data belongs to the student, and Apps tools offer complete control over sharing settings.  Essentially Google Apps for Education is an integrated content creation, communication and collaboration solution.

Google Apps for Education will allow Trinity students to:

> Login to their Chromebooks and download applications from the web store.
> Unlimited secure storage on Google Drive
> Access Google Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets (online Microsoft Office alternative)
> Create blogs and websites with default internal access (viewable to students and staff only).
> Create and publish videos to YouTube with default internal access (viewable to students and staff only).
> Access and edit their documents from anywhere in the world.

To access and edit your Google Drive documents from home, click on Google Drive icon in TNet or go directly to:

...and login with your Trinity email address ( and password.


Chromebooks are only part of our solution to enhance learning.  All students will have access to a suite of online tools and services.  All boys will remain responsible for the applications on their devices.  Families are free to install any other applications from the Chrome Web Store.

Web based software


Canvas is a Learning Management System that can be accessed from any web enabled device. Canvas allows students access to learning materials, discussion boards and class announcements. Students may also view and submit assignments, access their marks,  feedback and collaborate with their peers.

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education provide the default software on a Chromebook. Key tools in the productivity suite include Google Docs for word processing, Google Slides for presentations and Google Sheets for spreadsheets.  All Google tools include built in collaboration functions allowing students to share and edit files in real time. All content on the Chromebook is stored in the student’s Google Drive, a secure unlimited cloud based storage space.

Office 365

Office 365 delivers the Outlook student e-mail service managed by Trinity Grammar School.  Additionally, it provides web based access to Office Online, a suite containing Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneDrive access.

Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is Google's online app store for the Chromebook.  Thousands of web apps can be found in the Chrome Web Store.  By using your Google Apps for Education account, Google by default, will present educational apps when accessing the web store.