While developing ICT skills in the classroom, students will become familiar with a variety of troubleshooting skills. In addition, the following support chain will operate:

Class teacher (for Prep and Junior School):

> First point of contact
> General issues and advice
> Only teachers will be able to escalate to IT Support at Strathfield or Summer Hill

IT Support (for Staff and Year 7+):

> The IT Department offer a recess and lunchtime ICT Help Point in the Arthur Holt Library.
> Students may only visit the IT Support Office (N1.3 in New School - above Compass Court) during class time with a record book note from their current teacher.  
> IT Support will provide the following assistance:
> > Troubleshooting
> > Network connection issues
> > Basic diagnosis

For devices purchased via the TGS purchasing portal with an applicable warranty, the IT department will offer onsite support and service to students.


> In the event that IT Support is unable to resolve the issue or it has been advised to escalate the issue,
> families will be responsible for contacting the device manufacturer to repair the device.

Short term loan devices are available for students to use in the event of a device malfunction or failure, so that students can continue working while their device is being repaired or replaced.  This service will have associated conditions and will be free for the first 14 days after which a rental fee may apply.

Parents are encouraged to source devices with good warranty provisions and consider insuring devices to cover theft and/or accidental damage.


Other Helpful Resources for Parents

Office of the eSafety Commissioner - where parents can learn about the digital environment and keep updated on their children’s technology use. Click on the image below to view the site.

Key Contacts

IT Support Helpdesk : p. 9581 6126 it@trinity.nsw.edu.au
Senior School eLearning Integrator | Miss Rachel Hughes : p. 9581 6191 rhughes@trinity.nsw.edu.au
Junior School eLearning Integrator | Mr Evan Karagiannis : p. 9581 6155 ekaragiannis@trinity.nsw.edu.au
Prep School eLearning Integrator | Mr Carlos Dangoor : p. 8732 4677 cdangoor@trinity.nsw.edu.au