What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is basically a laptop running Google Chrome OS, an operating system based on Linux and the Chrome web browser.  Chromebooks do not allow any software to install, so it's impossible to get a virus, and no local programmes can slow the system down: almost all software is in the cloud.

Are Chromebooks used in Yrs 7-12?

Due to the range of software applications required in the Middle and Senior Schools, Chromebooks are not an ideal device to support student learning across the School.  Therefore it is expected that the Chromebook purchased in Year 5 will not be used in the Middle and Senior Schools.

How do I set up my Chromebook?

Students can download and refer to the Chromebook Setup Guide for help on how to login, how to connect to to WIFI, to learn about handy keyboard shortcuts and how to print.

What apps should I install onto my Chromebook?

You can install any app or extension that you think will benefit your schoolwork. A list of useful suggestions from Google can be found here.

Can a device other than a Chromebook be brought?

We have done extensive research and feel that a Chromebook is an excellent personal device for boys in primary school.  So that classroom management is simplified and in order to maintain equity amongst our younger students, devices other than Chromebooks may not be brought to school by students in Years 5-6. As students progress through the Middle and Senior Schools, they will have the opportunity to purchase a Mac or PC device.

How will Chromebooks be used in the classroom?
Chromebooks offer teachers an exciting array of tools and platforms that can help to engage students and transform learning. They are only a tool and as with any tool, are secondary to our pedagogy. Chromebooks will be used in the classroom as part of a blended learning environment which will see students learning and engaging through a variety of methods.
Will students still write?
Absolutely. Learning to write and practising writing for many purposes is a skill that is highly valued and reflected in syllabus documents.
How safe is the data on my Chromebook?
The Chromebook encrypts any data stored on it and you can only access this locally stored data if you sign in with your Google Account username and password.  If someone stole your Chromebook, or you lost it and someone found it, they could not access any of your personal files without your Google Account, even if they removed the internal drive from the computer to connect to another computer (as the Chromebook encrypts the data).  The worst that could happen is someone could reset the Chromebook and wipe your data (a great reason to keep it in the cloud), but they can never access it.
How do I backup my data?
If you choose to store everything in the cloud then you do not need to backup; you can pick up another Chromebook and sign in and all of the data in the cloud will be available on the Chromebook.  If you choose to store data on the internal storage (the Downloads folder) then you need to manually copy this to somewhere else safe.  Try to save everything to Google Drive as Chromebooks provide built-in connectivity to Google Drive.
What about device security at School?

In the Preparatory and Junior School devices will be locked inside classrooms during recess and lunch.

Protective covers
The School requires that each device has its own protective case or cover and is transported inside a student’s school bag, remaining out of sight for travel to and from the School.
Will the School network be sufficient for all devices?
Both Strathfield and Summer Hill campuses have access to high speed internet via the Australian Academic and Research Network (AARNet).  All buildings and facilities have access to the network through our extensive WiFi network.
Will there be an internet filter applied when the device is used at School?
While using the School network the device will have filtering applied to internet content and applications.  All usage through the School network is logged and can be reported on.
Will there be an internet filter applied when the device is used away from School?
The filtering applied to the School network does not extend to home or other networks.  The filtering rules setup on those networks will determine what the device can access.
What if I don’t have internet access?

Your Chromebook was designed to help you get things done faster and easier. For those times when you aren't connected to the web, there are a variety of tasks you can still do with your Chromebook:

> View, create, and edit documents, presentation and spreadsheets
> View and edit photos
> Listen to music
> View Microsoft Office and Adobe .pdf files
> Take notes
> Read offline web pages – you can save websites for offline viewing later
> Use offline-capable apps

What about technical support, repairs and maintenance?

Initial technical support will be provided by the classroom teacher for Years 5-6 who will escalate it to the IT Support staff as required.  Support for specific devices and applications is not provided, although initial assessment and advice on sources of information and assistance will be provided.

What if it stops working?
A pool of short term loan devices are available for students to use in the event of a device failure, so that students can continue working while their device is being repaired or replaced.  This service will have associated conditions and will be free for the first 14 days after which charges may apply. Parents are encouraged to source devices with good warranty provisions and consider insuring devices to cover theft and/or accidental damage.
Can I use my personal GMail/Google account on the device?

Whilst using the device for educational purposes, students must use their school provided Google Education Account.  The accounts provide additional security measures and features including unlimited storage and access to the Schools directory within Google Drive not found in free consumer accounts. Students are recommended to use only one account on their Chromebook to avoid confusion.

Are Chromebooks frequently updated?

Google aims to update Chromebooks every six weeks, with new features and bug fixes. These updates happen quietly in the background and unless the update provides a large change most Chromebook users will never notice this happening.  

What storage options do Chromebooks provide?

Local Storage Options

Chromebooks provide a limited amount of internal storage – 16-32 GB.  Most Chromebooks provide an SD card slot so you can extend storage using SD memory cards if desired.

Cloud-based Storage Options

By default through Google Apps for Education, all students are provided with unlimited cloud-based storage.  Students also have OneDrive cloud storage included with their Microsoft Office 365 service.

If I cannot install software how do I do anything?

The whole idea of a Chromebook is to work in the "cloud": this means that you use software as a service provided from web-based cloud service providers.  If you want to word process a document then you can use Google Docs in Google Drive.  Google Drive also provides Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings and Forms. Thousands of web apps can be found in the Chrome Web Store.  By using your Google Apps for Education account, Google by default will present educational apps when accessing the web store.

Do I need an antivirus?
No.  Since a Chromebook does not provide any way to install local software you cannot get a virus.  You do need to take care, however, when you use web apps as you may provide the app with elevated permissions to the browser or another web app.
How long does it take to boot up a Chromebook?
It takes from as little as 7 seconds.  It takes 1 second to recover from standby.
Can we personalise the Chromebook with stickers or labels?
Yes, students may place decals, stickers and labels onto their devices if they choose to. This is a good way of identifying your Chromebook from other students’.
If the software/laptop ”jams”, who fixes it?
Any covered fault/issue that arises while the device is under warranty will be repaired/replaced by the manufacturer.
What happens if the laptop is “stolen/misplaced” on School grounds in School time – whose liability?

In the Preparatory and Junior School devices will be locked inside classrooms during recess and lunch.  All students will be addressed at the beginning of Term 1 about the importance of looking after their device. In the event that the Chromebook is stolen or misplaced, the responsibility for assigning liability rests with relevant Master of School.

Portal information
Who is providing the BYOD portal and what sort of relationship do they have with Trinity?
Trinity’s BYOD portal will be provided through Datacom.  Datacom, one of several vendors that Trinity regularly interacts with, was chosen to provide the portal after a Request for Tender process.  Trinity Grammar School has no financial relationship or agreement with Datacom with regards to the portal.
When purchasing through the portal what parties are making the transaction?
All transactions made on Trinity’s Portal is between the merchant (Datacom) and the purchaser (Parents and Students). If you have any issues making your purchase Datacom have appointed Bruce Madden as our Account Manager and can be contacted at bruce.madden@datacom.com.au or 0409 876 500.
Why should I use the portal?

The portal was setup for making purchases of devices simple for families who did not already own a suitable device.  This is an added service that Trinity Grammar School wants to offer to current families within the Trinity Community.  The portal offers a range of devices that meet the minimum specifications and are offered at a competitive pricing including educational discounts which may not be available via other providers.  Each Windows and Macbook device includes the recommend warranty and the option for accidental damage protection (insurance) which may be hard to source from third parties. As purchases are classified as educational, all Apple devices come with onsite support which is not available through standard retail channels.

Parents are by no means bound to use the portal and may purchase a suitable device, which meets the minimum specifications, from any source they would like.
How do I access the Portal?

You can access the portal here, using the following credentials to login:

Access Key: TrinityGrammar

Pin: TrinityGrammar
What should I do if I am unable to provide a device for my son?

Please contact your Son’s class teacher in the first instance.  Trinity will review your Son’s situation and see how we can assist.  During the review, Trinity will be able to provide your Son with a 2 week loan device.

What process did Trinity use to choose the devices on the portal?
Trinity’s ICT team consulted and surveyed a range of staff and students to determine what the classroom technology requirements were and which devices best suited these requirements.  A summary of opinions was presented to the executive committee with a range of sample devices to choose from including information regarding specifications and price.
Is any insurance included in with the laptops via the Portal?

Chromebooks purchased via the Portal do not include Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) or any other type of insurance.  You may purchase additional warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) insurance options from the portal.

Can I purchase a device that isn’t via the portal?
There is no requirement for parents to purchase a device via Trinity’s Portals.  Families may provide their Son with a device not purchased from the Portal, as long as it meets the minimum specifications requirements.
If not purchasing a device via the Portal, should my child’s device be insured?
Trinity recommends that families seek to insure all devices that are brought to School.
If not purchasing a device via the Portal, what should I consider?  (i.e. insurance/warranty)

Trinity recommends the following considerations when choosing a device not purchased via the Portal:

  1. Does the device meet the minimum specifications?
  2. Does the device have insurance?
  3. Does the device come with warranty for the period that I expect it to last my Son, i.e. if my Son will use it for 3 years, then it should have 3 years Next Business Day onsite warranty.